About Us

Ian Eddy BlacksmithIn 1971, Jenny and I visited her family in England, and it was seeing her late grandfather’s forge in a little village in Somerset which inspired me to make my living in the art of blacksmithing. I use many of his tools today and feel a kinship to his spirit with every beat of my hammer on his anvil. Today we operate our small forge in Saxtons River, Vermont where each of my hand wrought iron pieces is heated and forged individually with traditional hammer and tongs. Although I strive to make our pieces as similar as I can to the ones you see photographed on this site, small variations will sometimes occur in size and overall appearance confirming that each item is unique and that no two are exactly alike.

Since 1975 I have been a member of The Artist Blacksmith Association of North America, the New England Blacksmiths, and the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, all of which have helped keep my inspiration alive.

Thank you for visiting our web site, Jenny and I hope to hear from you.